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I have been breeding and training AKC puppies since 1978. We specialize in English yellow Labrador Retievers and American Cocker Spaniels. Many of our pups go into homes where they are trained for some type of service, with autistic children, physical disabilities or emotional disabilities. Because it is so important that all puppies start out healthy and remain healthy for their entire lives, we place health as our highest ranking priorty for each litter. Our pups are the result of decades and many generations of very thoughtful breeding guidelines that have been established by working closely with our top notch veterinarian clinic. We offer a written guarantee on all of our puppies.

We found that a number of our pups were going into homes with autistic children and being trained to help these children in every part of their daily lives. The more people that had one of our pups, the more the word spread and others found out how good they were with these kids. Then others with special needs started coming to us, either with a physical disability, a mental disability or just in need of a calm, sweet natured companion. Also, the size of a lab helps many people because they are so sturdy.

However, many times there would be a family that couldn't fit such a large dog into their household, so we started exploring a different smaller breed that could be trained and have the same responsibilities as our labs. We found the Cocker Spaniels to be the answer. The first litter we had, all of the pups were tested and placed in homes with totally deaf children to be their hearing companions and we were sure we had the right breed. Our Cocker pups have very gentle, and very quiet, personalities, and they are very smart and eager to please. Nowadays, just as many of our Cockers go into special needs homes as our Labs! This is so rewarding as a breeder to hear the stories of what these pups do for their new families.     More about us




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