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WARNING Some Dog treats may be hurting and Killing healthy Dogs! Research your pet foods and TREATS. Healthy pets may be dying from Kidney failure and intestinal bleeding from dog treats STOP FEEDING TREATS UNTIL YOU KNOW YOUR'S ARE SAFE!!!



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 We have been raising high quality A.K.C. registered dogs for over thirty three years.  Pups are up to date on  Shots and have been  wormed, dews removed, You will receive a puppy packet and pedigree . Our dogs are healthy and well taken care of and carry a full, written guarantee. Our pups are born in our home and raised as family members. We do not keep our dogs in cages and we do not sell to brokers , pet stores or auctions. We strive for quiet, calm, obedient, and extremely intelligent pups. Many of our pups are placed in homes with adults and children that have special physical or emotional needs.

Labrador Retriever

We hope you enjoy the many pictures of the various puppies and dogs on our site.  As you are looking through the pages we should tell you that there are pictures that happy families have sent us of our pups and there are pictures of previous puppies and moms and dads.  All of these are our "babies" and we hope that by viewing these past and present pictures you can see what our dogs look like and where they come from and how they are after finding a new home.

Lab pups

Our Pet Rescue

We occasionally hear of dogs that are living in situations that are not healthy or humane, or people call that cannot for personal reasons keep their pet.  These dogs are not all abused or neglected, sometimes they have been well taken care of and loved, but when their owners lives change, they cannot keep their pet.  When this happens, we try to find homes for these animals, or we sometimes take them into our home. If you know of a pet dog or puppy that needs a loving, permanent home, please let us know. 


Sarah and Diane take the pups to school. Click the picture to see more pictures


Please feel free to cruise through our web site and get to know us better. If you have any questions, you can e-mail me or feel free to call anytime at 740-945-5105. We will be happy to help in any way possible.

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Your new puppy is as close as your nearest airport. 

My dogs are my love, not my business.

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 The Dog House

All  pictures on this site are from our farm or are within walking distance. 


We use Hughes Satellite Internet and it is "down" a lot of the time. You can try to email us but the best way to reach us is by phone. 740-945-5105